Evening Brew - Wax Melts
Evening Brew - Wax Melts

Evening Brew - Wax Melts

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Since day one our 'Evening' essential oil blend has been a bestseller. The combination of Lavender and Bergamot essential oils create a lovely comforting and relaxing aroma that is just perfect to wind-down with in the evening....or anytime of day when you want to encourage a little calm, and now it’s even better because we’ve added in a little bit of Vetiver essential oil into the mix too!

Best enjoyed with your favourite cuppa...in a hot bath for good measure.

Scent notes

Top: Lavender

Middle:Bergamot, Citrus

Base: Vetiver 

Each plastic free box of wax melts contains 6 x 18g wax melt ‘pods.’ Each little pod will give you up to 12 hours of aroma. Place just one pod into the bowl of your wax melter, light an unscented tealight underneath and enjoy!


Soy wax + essential oils + dried lavender buds and chamomile flowers