About Us

Our Goal

At Just Pure Lovely Candle Co we want to provide beautiful home fragrance products that don't compromise your health or the earth.

That’s why every Just Pure Lovely product that we create is made with one goal in mind: to fragrance your home using the purest, most sustainable and cleanest ingredients.



Meet Lucy

Happy wife to Nige, mum to 6 amazing children, avid tea drinker and kitchen dance-party instigator.

Back in 2014, Lucy began learning how to use essential oils to naturally fragrance the home after her youngest developed allergies. Almost every cleaning, laundry and home fragrance product contained synthetic fragrance or perfume which seemed to cause problems, so they all had to go. Over the next 5 years she learnt to create simple essential oil infused products to replace many of the products for the home but one thing was missed - scented candles. Fast forward many years, and many (many, many) experiments, tests, and hours spent sourcing ingredients that matched the goal, she has created a (growing) range of naturally scented candles and wax melts. Lucy hand pours every candle and melt in their family home in Devon. 


Our Products

When it comes to making home fragrance products, Just Pure Lovely Candle Co are the ultimate in ingredient snobbery!  We've stubbornly committed to the use of only the best ingredients to create naturally scented products for your home whilst ensuring that the components we source are sustainable for our earth.